The grapes are hand-harvested and placed in small baskets, when they reach the right level of sugar and phenolic maturation, and is subsequently moved in the cellar.

It is in the cellar that respect for nature and our earth encounter the technology: we use the most innovative winemaking techniques, combining with the tradition, to keep aromas and flavors intact even in the bottle and create wines of exceptional organoleptic quality.

The grapes are moved always with delicacy, in order not to stress grapes: our raw material, the basis of every wine of excellence.

In the stage of fermentation we use steel, because it allows us to carry out the operations in complete safety and always maintain high levels of hygiene in the cellar. Following the fermentation, we complete the refinement of the wine in small oak barrels.

The temperature is controlled and kept constant from the beginning of harvest, during the fermentation and all the aging process. The plugs that we use are specifically designed to adapt to the necks of our bottles and offer the best quality available on the market in terms of sealing, insulation, and the breathability of the wine.

Our Wines


Pinot Nero IGT


Syrah DOC


La Fratta
Bianco IGT

Spumante Ultima Luna

Ultima Luna
Spumante metodo classico