“La Cantina Tra gli Ulivi” is born from the land and the cellar of Alexander’s great-grandparents, passing to the grandparents, to be then entrusted to Alessandro and Laura, who bought new land and decided to give life to a farm that was inserted in the furrow of tradition combined with a bit of innovation.

Alessandro and Laura have decided to keep the existing vines, handed down by their grandparents, and add new ones, with the aim of obtaining a wine of the highest quality, the best possible, combining the past and the future.


Our History

Alessandro and Laura have decided to abandon the frenetic life of the city, to
pursue a dream that both have always had since childhood: living and working in the open air, completely immersed in nature and with the utmost respect for the environment.

Our goal is to obtain a healthy wine of the best possible quality, combining past and future. Alessandro & Laura